Renting Is The "New Black": Tip-of-the-Day #143


Check out! It is a centralized online rental marketplace enabling anyone to rent, or offer for rent, anything in just a few mouse clicks!

Now this is my second blog post on this very topic and I'm clearly an advocate. This revolutionary idea makes it simple to get your hands on something you’ve been wanting to try but aren’t ready to buy! If you need a special tool for a weekend (like when I needed an obscure saw for a home improvement project), a fancy purse for an evening out (fake it till you make it), or an extra bike for an out-of-town visitor, all you need to do is search and select the item you want for rent, at the most convenient location for you!

Zilok responds to urban living and the practical concerns surrounding storage space. You can rent just about anything on this online marketplace, from landscaping tools and tableware to computers and home appliances. To get started, just search for what you'd like to rent and type in where you live, or click on a category. Once you've found your desired item, schedule the time you'd like to rent the item, for how long, and when you'll pick it up from the owner.

Now all that said, I went on there to see if I could rent a Wii (before buying one to make sure I'd like it) and I couldn’t find one in my area. I also couldn’t find a bike. But that could be because I live in San Francisco and people of affluence may be less inclined to "loan out" their prized possessions. I had more luck searching by “area” than by “item” though. I pulled up 1388 results in San Francisco – with items ranging from a Darth Vador Halloween costume to a “scruffy basketball.” Hey, ya never know.

The idea has great promise and probably is richer in some geographic locations…so keep your eye on it! I'm going to.

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