Buy Low, Sell High: Tip-of-the-Day #140

BUY OR SELL GOODS VIA A UNIQUE ONLINE CATALOG, a site I recently discovered, is a catalog of products with information on who owns them and what they are worth. Similar to stock trading (and different from eBay), people set up buy and sell orders.

There’s a page for the Wii, a page for the iPhone 16GB, a page for the 1966 Topps Mickey Mantle Card, etc., and each unique product has one page and every buyer and seller go to that page to trade. It's not like an auction where each order has its own page - all the information is on one: product information, price history, all available buy orders, and all available sell orders. That way you have an overarching view of everything you need to know to make an informed decision about that product.

I’ll admit it’s a little tricky to “get” at first, and the sign up process is a tad arduous…but if you’re someone not put off by upfront legwork this may be for you. Primarily because there is money to be made on this site:

1. You can sell something by listing your item in the catalog. (High-volume sellers can even open a “Storefront”.)

2. You can be a page owner and help expand (or perfect) the catalog by adding an item that wasn’t already on Wigix. You’ll earn 5% of that item/page’s ad revenue or transaction fees. (Kind of like Wikipedia only you stand to gain!)

3. You can be a category expert in up to three categories (and get 1% of the ad rev and transaction fees for every page in your category).

4. You can refer your friends and get 4% of any advertising and transaction fees made by your referral's product pages.

5. You can even make money on friends of friends (2% of any advertising and transaction fees made from those 2nd gen. product pages).

6. Plus, sign up as an affiliate and make up to $3 per referral.

If you end up doing it and have any success with it, let me know! I'll update the post with your success story :)

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