Band Together For Repairs: Tip-of-the-Day #153


Have you ever considered joining forces with your neighbors when it comes time to make home repairs? Generally, the more work that’s done, the better price you’ll get. For instance, in my condo building, when one neighbor was thinking of replacing her single paned windows for double paned, she explored the cost efficiencies in getting more neighbors on board with the initiative. She was able to carve 33% off the cost of the job by getting two other homeowners involved in the same project!

A similar experience occurred with a recent carpeting job – two homeowners went in on the same carpet and were able to save quite a bit on the cost per yard and even the installation.

The savings aren’t just financial either. Getting others in on a home repair job means spreading the responsibility around a isn’t just one person that has to bear the time commitment (or emotional strain) of meeting with contractors, day laborers, etc. Those tasks are shared.

There are all kinds of possibilities for cost-saving cooperation with neighbors. Arrangements can be made for yard work, paint work, roofing and beyond. Explore your options and save some money and heartache while you're at it.

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