Personalize Your Savings: Tip-of-the-Day #134


BillShrink is a free, personalized savings service for everyday things like wireless and credit cards. It helps you figure out where you might be able to save some dough.

Not only will Billshrink find the best wireless plans and credit cards for your needs NOW, but they’ll automatically repeat the analysis on a regular basis to keep you optimized as your usage changes, better product offers come to market, etc.

You're presented with unbiased, comprehensive information so you can see for yourself which options are best for you and why. They even give multiple options for where you can sign up for your service of choice.

To get started, you just select the service category of interest. From there, you will be prompted to enter some details about your usage patterns, which will be used to compute your personalized recommendations.

It’s certainly worth your while to look into it. I’m going to right now!

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