New Life for Old Cell Phones: Tip-of-the-Day #113


CellForCash is an etailer that extracts whatever value remains in old, unused cell phones, and returns that value, in cash, to the phone's owner. And the website makes it easy, paying anywhere from a few dollars to more than $100 for each phone (and handling the shipping details too).

Who doesn't have at least one old phone lying around? Most folks get a new cell when their service agreement with their carrier is up for renewal (which is every year or two, right?). Some leave the old one sitting around the house (me), and at least 7 percent just throw it away (not me - I'd rather clutter my house).

Why not keep the earth green (cell phones are full of chemicals that leach into groundwater from landfills) and make some green while you’re at it? Search CellForCash for your phone make and model. Then, when you find yours, you can request a postage-paid box (meaning you don't have to pay for shipping), send in your phone and charger, and once the contents are verified by the company, you'll receive a check.

Now not all phones are worth cash…some older models are listed on the site as "Free Recycling," which means they have no resale value, however you can always claim it as a donation on your year end taxes and get a small write off.

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