Free Stock Imagery for Blogs: Tip-of-the-Day #132


Great stock photos don’t have to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With, you can enhance your blog with the same photos used by the pros, without paying a penny!

Just go to, then:
1. Enter your search term into PicApp's search box
2. Select the image of your choice from millions of high-quality stock photos and generate an embed code
3. Insert the embed code into your blog, and voila!

They have over 20 million premium images - editorial and creative - covering just about every category, from news and sports, to celebrity, travel, fashion and more.

I did a quick search for “shooting star,” “turkey sandwich,” and “coffee collar” and got images for each!

Another site like PicApp is called I have had pretty good luck finding free stock photography there too, so if you don’t find what you need on PicApp, try MorgueFile!

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