DIY With Video Help!: Tip-of-the-Day #130

ACCESS FREE HOW-TO VIDEOS ON NEARLY ANY SUBJECT MATTER is a content-rich website with thousands of useful how-to videos and guides on just about every subject matter. They bring together the personality of user-generated content with the quality of a professional video studio and the result is engaging, informative, and free how-to videos for the world to enjoy! (Note: Howcast also offers emerging filmmakers an opportunity to gain experience, exposure, and income if you’re interested).

By partnering with leading video sites and experiences across web, mobile, and emerging platforms, Howcast is able to share high-quality, compelling content that addresses the most pressing questions - from "How Can I Look Great in Photographs?" to "How Can I Roast a Perfect Chicken?".

On a whim, I went to Howcast and entered “How Do I Bathe My Cat?” in the search field. I got a pretty nice-quality video illustrating how to groom my cat – from clipping her nails to brushing her correctly. You’d be amazed by the range of topics featured there.

Great way to get the information you need at a nice price - FREE! Pretty much a do-it-yourselfer’s dream.

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