Cash for Curbside Recyclables: Tip-of-the-Day #137


If you live on the East Coast, or have friends or family that do, you may want to check out this nifty nugget of information. RecycleBank, a fairly new and innovative recycling company, will give you money in the form of coupons and gift certificates for grocery and pharmacy items – just for recycling your bottles, cans, and paper at home.

The program has been up and running in communities in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Nebraska, Maine, and New Jersey and will expand to Minneapolis and Dallas next (hold tight's just a matter of time!).

Each household in a RecycleBank area receives a bin with a computer chip in it. The household then fills the bin with paper, glass, plastic and metal — no sorting needed — and sets the bin on the curb. When the recycling is collected, an arm on the truck weighs the bin and uses the computer chip to record the weight. The data is added to an online account, and customers can log in to redeem their points each month for coupons and gift certificates.

Um, that takes ALL the guesswork out of recycling and rewards you for your laziness! I'm keeping my eyes open for this program. Hurry RecycleBank! Hurry!

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