Seek Out "Floor Models": Tip-of-the-Day #102


When you're in the market for anything from furniture to electronics, it may make sense to explore whether the "floor model" is available for sale. By floor model I do mean the product that is shown on the showroom floor, often for weeks at a time, to better illustrate to the consumer what the product is like.

I experienced the benefit of this firsthand when I learned from a friend that Restoration Hardware sells all of their floor model furniture at a discount. I was in the market for a new sofa and was dying to save a few bucks in the process. (I have champagne taste on a beer budget).

I visited my local retail store, immediately identified the sofa I wanted, and then made a beeline for the nearest sales associate. I quickly threw my name in the hat for the procurement of said floor model. I watched the sales associate note my name and number and I was told I'd be called when/if the sofa became available for sale (generally at the end of a season because colors and fabrics change).

I frankly didn't think I'd ever hear from them but unbelievably I got the call that the luxurious, down-filled beauty was mine! I cautiously confirmed the price and to my surprise the sofa was not only marked down for having been on the floor for a couple of months, but that particular model was ALSO on sale! I ended up paying HALF what I would have paid for the sofa otherwise and it was in perfect condition, I checked. I was truly jubilant.

I've seen similar scenarios happen in clothing boutiques (i.e. the sweater on the model has a button missing so you're extended a discount), at electronics retailers (buy the camera on display and work a discount outta the deal), at car dealerships (pick up the car that's been driven by the lot manager and has fewer than 100 miles on it and get it for less than the neighboring vehicle with 0 miles). You get the idea.

Bottom line: always look for an opportunity to get what you want at the best possible price!

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