My Trash is Your Treasure: Tip-of-the-Day #104


Have you been to It is a thriving beauty community featuring member-generated product reviews, message board posts, shopping diaries and member photo pages covering topics such as makeup, hair care, fragrance, travel, fashion, food, home DYI, skin care, parenting, bath & body, fitness, wedding, nails, and & other topics of the day.

This social network reaches women around the globe with millions of page views each day. You can find real-time information, advice and friendship from a huge community of active members and, my favorite part, a swap-a-rama for all your unwanted makeup!

How many times have you purchased the wrong color lip liner or a mascara that just wasn't for you? MakeupAlley has a congregation of women all with the same problem! Now you can search through hundreds of posts all with something to lose and in search of something to gain. People have "wishlists" and those are the items they are most willing to swap for. Tokens are awarded for positive interactions and much like the eBay "star system" you can trust members with more tokens/positive ratings.

I just signed in and in a few moments found all of the makeup that I use regularly, available for swap. What this means: I don't ever have to buy my makeup at retail prices again - just find someone on MakeupAlley willing to trade me for something I've got (and it doesn't always have to be makeup!).

Have fun! (Oh, and because I'm a germ freak I'll tell you now not to use eyeliner without sharpening it first and I personally wouldn't take a mascara that's already been opened).

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