FasTrak Saves $$ and Time: Tip-of-the-Day #90


How often do you cross a toll-taking bridge? And no, I don't mean the toll that traffic and aggressive drivers have on your psyche (though that sucks too). I'm talking about a bridge that costs you $2 or more dollars every time you go across it. Every day? A few times a week? A half a dozen times a month? Whatever it is - it makes sense to get a FasTrak. That's the Bay Area's solution to getting where you need to go faster with a dedicated lane and slightly less expensive toll. The Golden Gate Bridge is up to $6 a trip but with a FasTrak it's $5. That buck can add up if you're crossing every day ($5/wk, $20/mo, $240/yr!).

The best part is that toll tags are now available at select Costco, Safeway, and other retail locations across the Bay Area. So there's no more having to submit an application and waiting for your device to be mailed to you. Hurray!

The Costco and Safeway offer at the moment is: Open a new FasTrak account, register with your American Express Card and receive extra free tolls. The free tolls will be credited to your account at the time of registration. (That's all the detail I got - I suppose the "more free tolls" part is made clearer when you're registering.)

Plus, to receive an additional free tolls bonus, register your new toll tag account with your American Express Card.

Most states and counties with bridges are employing similar models. Look into it, fast!

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