Call Internationally - FREE!: Tip-of-the-Day #98

CALL YOUR FRIENDS IN FRANCE - FOR FREE! lets you chat for free with people around the world for as long as you like. Just enter your home or cell number and a friend's number at the website. Talkster issues a set of local numbers you can call to connect.

1. The first time only, tell Talkster the name and phone number of the friend you want to call.

2. You are given a new Talkster phone number for each friend - and you can use that number for that friend indefinitely! Save it in your address book for sure.

3. Whenever you want to talk to your friend, dial the new local Talkster number for that friend instead of the old long distance or international number.

It's pretty ingenious. Had I known about this in college I would have saved HUNDREDS of dollars calling my boyfriend in Australia. Sigh.

The only catch: You have to listen to a 10-second ad. Big whoop!

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