Affiliate Programs Make Money: Tip-of-the-Day #88


Do you looooove a product you use so much that you want to tell the whole world about it? Well, if that product happens to be associated with a company that has an affiliate program in place, you are in a promising position!

Set yourself up as an affiliate of the company (most have a link on their site and the application process is simple), blog about the product(s) you think are great, review them on your website, or just spread the word to your friends, colleagues and family, and for every product purchased (through you) you stand to earn up to 20% of the sale! (Each company has a different compensation model).

Check out Roxio's affiliate program as an example. I’m a big fan of products like Easy Media Creator and Toast for helping me organize my digital media and make and edit videos for sites like YouTube. By linking to those products from my blog, and enabling you (my bloggership) to go and check them out, I stand to get paid for every product you purchase through my link!

It’s a great way to build an online business if you’re prolific enough to blog regularly, or, if you happen to be the webmaster for a site that gets a lot of traffic already and you think no one will mind a small shout out to your favorite product or company. You have everything to gain.

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